CBS Committees

Annual Fund

Chair: Tucker Catlin

The Annual Fund helps to raise money to fill the financial gap between congregational dues and operational costs.

Art Enhancement

Chair: Donna Mendelsohn 

The Art Enhancement committee is responsible for making decisions and selecting art and art objects that are displayed in Synagogue. It also covers sales and acquisitions.

Bruchim Habaim 

Chair: Robin Stearn; Co-Chair: Debra Greenstein 

Welcoming and keeping track of new members to help to integrate them into the CBS Family is the responsibility of this committee.

Bikkur Cholim = Lotsa Helping Hands  

Chair: Deb Bloomberg

When CBS has members who are not well and in need of medical and spiritual attention, we use a website, overseen by this committee, that was developed to make it easier for our caring community to stay in touch and take action for those in need.

Building and Grounds Committee

Chair: Anthony Borders 

Building and Grounds oversees and maintains the synagogue building and surroundings.  This committee is also responsible for preparing the building for all worship services, meetings, educational, cultural and community events.

Cemetery (Ner Tamid) Committee

Chair: Donna Mendelsohn

The Ner Tamid Jewish Community Cemetery enables Jews and their immediate families to purchase burial plots in the Napa Valley.

Education Committee

Chair: Jan Sabo  

This committee oversees the activities for the youth of our congregation in conjunction with the Director of Education.

Endowment and Legacy Fund

Chair: Steven Sager ; Co-Chair: David Mendelsohn 

The Endowment Fund was established to help provide perpetual income to meet future needs of our CBS Jewish Community. The Legacy Fund provides an opportunity for the Jewish community to establish a bequest to CBS.

Family Shabbat Committee

Chair: Rhonda Simon ; Co-Chair: Holly Finkelstein 

This committee was established to encourage the participation of younger families in Synagogue life.  Family Shabbat is held the 2nd Friday of each month at 5:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Finance Committee

Chair: Len Danon 

The Finance Committee oversees all aspects of the financial affairs of the Synagogue on behalf of the congregation.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Marc Samrick 

Fundraising is essential to ensuring the financial health of the Synagogue. The committee is responsible for creating engaging program and events each year.

Hospitality Committee

Chair: Anne Levinson 

Our Chairperson, Anne Levinson, oversees the synagogues wine program and provides wine for all onegs and fundraising events.

Human Resources Committee

Chair: Jan Sabo 

Human resources is an essential part of any organization that has employees. It ensures fair hiring and workplace practices as well as assuming responsibility for hires, terminations and employee reviews. 

Kitchen Committee

Chair: Sandi Hyman 

This committee has the responsibility to oversee the kitchen. It ensures that supplies are available and sound food handling practices are used by all who use the space.

Library Committee

Chair: Henni Cohen 

The library committee oversees the Conrey Library at Congregation Beth Shalom.  They are responsible for the acquisition and processing of new and current books as well as the technology used there and maintenance of the library.

Life Long Learning

Chair: Karen Sager 

Every Synagogue needs a center for adult study and learning.  This committee, in coordination with the Rabbi, plans classes, lectures and other programs.

Lunch and Learn Committee

Chair: Joan Harris 

Lunch and Learn is a Jewish punctuation point in the week. It is held the first Wednesday of the month at 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. These drop in events are open to the community at large.

Marketing & Public Relations Committee

Chair: Sally Gordon 

It is the responsibility of this committee to present the public face of CBS.  This includes social media, press releases and events.  This committee also markets CBS as a venue for outside events.

Mitzvah Mavens Committee

Chair: Marlo Cohen 

Parents of Bar/Bat Mitzvah students work together to support one another for these Simchas. This group is generally comprised of parents whose children will celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the next 24 to 36 months.

Music Enhancement Committee

Chair: Gordon Lustig Chair 

Music is the foundation of the soul and is a vital part of our Jewish heritage. The committee works in conjunction with the Ritual Committee and the Sunday School to enhance music programming at the synagogue.


Chair: Ada Press 

Membership recruits new members to the congregation. The committee is responsible for outreach into the wider community and developing programs to encourage new membership for CBS.

Oneg Committee

Chair: Kim Kostin-Borders  ; Co-Chair: Sylvia Samrick

Standing together as a community to recite the prayers for the Kiddush and the Hamotzi makes Shabbat all the more special.  The Oneg Committee coordinates the schedule for individual members to host an oneg to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion.

Open Tent (Interfaith Programming)

Chair: Nancy Gennet 

The Jewish Community is an open tent which is inclusive and warm, meaningful and engaging, strong and growing. It is open on every side to welcome all who wish to connect with the Jewish people.

Pool Committee

Chair: Allen and Maxine Miluso  & 

The CBS pool in partnership with Makai Swim School is open to all CBS members. This committee coordinates CBS activities with those of Makai Swim School.

Religious School Parent Organization

Board Advisor: Jan Sabo 
Co-chairs: Dania Massey , Dana Simon , Josh Slater , Marlo Cohen 

Educating our children is one of the basic tenets of Judaism.  This committee works with Rabbi Goldstein to develop curriculum that is engaging and educational with a focus on Jewish values and community outreach.

Ritual Committee

Chair: Jay Blitstein 

This committee coordinates all aspects of worship for the Congregation, including the purchase and maintenance of all items used in the worship services.

Shorashim Coordinators

Co-Chairs: Lisa Lombardi , Naama Abramovitch  

Teach your Children. No matter how young, this is a Commandment for Jewish parents.This program, geared for children 6 months to 5 years, meets twice a month on Sunday morning from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. The parent coordinators work with our Jewish educators to provide valuable and engaging programs.

Social Action Committee

Chair: Nancy Gennet 

Jewish tradition and values makes social justice a core expression of Jewish life. This committee engages CBS members and involves them in discussions and programs coordinated with community outreach.

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Beth Painter 

While examining the past, CBS is always looking to the future.  This committee will lead a congregation-wide program on strategic planning and create the future course for the synagogue.

Table Committee

Chair: Rhonda Simon

This is an important group for the community. Volunteer CBS congregants serve hot meals on the fourth Monday of each month to the homeless of Napa at "The Table" housed at the First Presbyterian Church.