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2015 Award Recipient

jonah eisenberg

The 2015 recipient of the Young Mensch Award is Jonah Eisenberg. The Congregation Beth Shalom Young Mensch Scholarship Fund wasestablished by an anonymous member of CBS to acknowledge the good work of our teens and young adults in the Napa Jewish community.

Jonah, after graduating from Napa High School will attend Stanford University. Jonah has been very involved at CBS. This year he has served as a TA on Sunday mornings and has helped with our Hebrew program during the week. Many of you recall, Jonah's beautiful chanting of Jonah on Yom Kippur afternoon. He worked at Camp Chaverim from 2011-2014. Jonah started the Tolerance Club at Napa High which grew out of a painful personal experience that he eloquently wrote about in theSan Francisco Jewish Weekly.

In his essay Jonah wrote about our friend Max Schleicher as his mensch mentor: "When I think of the Yiddish word mensch, the person who comes immediately comes to mind is Max Schleicher, my Hebrew teacher and personal example of integrity and dedication to the Jewish community. He stepped up into a position of moreh during a period when Congregation Beth Shalom did not have the rabbinic and education leadership it does today. And for that I'm verygrateful." One of his references wrote about him: "Everyone who meets Jonah comes away impressed with his winsome personality, his maturity and his genuine kindness. Jonah truly exemplifies all that we represent and teach at CBS."

 The mensch award this year comes with a $5,000 scholarship for his first year in College. Mazel Tov to Jonah and to his parents Hillary and Matt. Jonah is also the older and nurturing brother of Ari and Micah.

It is also a pleasure to announce that an Honorable Mention and a financial prize was awarded to Juliette Humer, who is a sophomore at Hampshire College. Juliette worked at Camp Chaverim a number of years ago. She has been deeply committed to environmental change since she was a child. At Hampshire she has been active at Hillel and a leading environmental activist. In her essay she wrote: "I want to be an environmental engineer who promotes sustainable living and innovation. I want to protect our Earth by incorporating sustainability in to our education system - to help create a new green generation that is self-sufficient." We are very proud of Juliette and her deep commitment to a greener world which is anchored in her Jewish values. Mazel Tov to Juliette who is the daughter of Nanette and Valentin Humer.

Thu, March 21 2019 14 Adar II 5779