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Guest Speaker - Zack Bodner
"Zionism 3.0: Bridging Israel & World Jewry with a Zionism for the 21st Century"

Friday, July 26th at CBS - 7:30 PM (after 6:00 PM Shabbat service)

Divisions between Israel and World Jewry are ultimately a problem of focusing too much attention on what divides us, and not enough on what unites us. It is time for Zionism to evolve to its third phase, Zionism 3.0, in which we transcend our differences and build a new paradigm based on a shared sense of Peoplehood and a shared destiny. The Z3 Project aims to build a movement of like-minded people who share the belief that we should not let political frameworks or religious differences dictate the nature of our relationship. If we are to share one destiny, we must find a new way to engage with each other, and like all relationships, it starts with listening to each other.

Festive Oneg to follow!







Travel to Israel with Rabbi Goldstein and fellow CBS members & friends!

Travel to Israel with Rabbi Goldstein and fellow CBS members and friends! We will spend 10 days of tourism, guest lectures, experiential learning, and adventure together from April 21-30, 2020. The trip includes Tel Aviv, Jerusalem (where we will experience Shabbat together), Masada, Haifa, the Galilee, the Golan Heights and much more. Intended for first-time visitors as well as those who have been to Israel before.

If you want to join this exciting adventure, please fill out the registration form and send in your $500 deposit. The full itinerary and pricing is included in this link:

Click Here

Thu, July 18 2019 15 Tammuz 5779