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Spring Fling Day Of

   S1- $50 Posner iPhone Picture Taking and Snacks
   S2- $50 Spitz A Walk on the Vine Side & Breakfast
   S3- $75 Kamer/Smith Martini Party & Munchies
   S4- $75 Solomon Host Brunch at Napa General Store
   S5- $75 Shumer,L/ Miluso,S BBQ Dinner Catered by Chef Darron
   S6- $75 Miluso/Greenstein Host Dinner at the Q
   S7- $75 Hyman/Shumer, M/Stearn After the 4th BBQ at Hyman Home
   S8- $125 Elson/Frost Summer Brunch at Elson Home
   S9- $50 Yesowitch iPhone Discovery Class at CBS
   S10- $75 Nystrom/Vermeere Host Brunch at Kitchen Door
   S11- $50 Samrick Poker Night and Nosh
   S12- $50 Goldman Champagne, Canapes & Charades
   S13- $50 Charney Roll Up the Valley Bike Ride & Snacks
   S14- $100 Goldstein/Lustig Havdalah Service with Wine & Cheese
   S15- $50 Miluso/Bloomberg Host Dinner at Mary's Pizza Shack
   S16- $50 Lustig/Percelay Mahjongg Party & Snacks
   S17- $75 Pastcan/Barush Supper in our Sukkot
   S18- $125 Greenstein/Yesowitch Halloween Costume Party at Greenstein Home
   S19- $200 Elson/Blossom Catering Gourmet Dinner
   S20- $100 1 Raffle Ticket
   S21- $250 3 Raffle Tickets
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Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyar 5784