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Designated Tribute Funds

Beth Shalom Fund

Provides funds for unexpected expenditures needed for the general operation of the synagogue


Chai Fund

Contributions will have a direct effect on supporting those individuals and families in our community who are unable to afford the full cost of membership at CBS. Donations from you and other donors to the Chai permit those in need to enjoy and benefit from being a part of our synagogue.


Keruv (Outreach) Fund

Supports Interfaith and Outreach programming.


L’Dor V’Dor Annual Fund

Contributions support the synagogue's general budget and fund operations.


Library Fund

Provides for the purchase of books, videos, magazines, library supplies, and computer programs for educational purposes.


Life Long Learning/Adult Program Fund

Provides funding for adult education classes, lectures and programs. Supports the ongoing educational, religious, and cultural programs of the congregation including on-going course, workshops, and music.


Music Fund

Provides funds for musical artists for special programs.


Ner Tamid Fund

Provides funds for those members who need assistance with funeral and burial expenses, maintenance, and security for the Ner Tamid Cemetery.



Pool Fund

Donations to this fund help maintain and update the pool and the pool area. The current goal is to secure sufficient contributions to complete a remodel and upgrading and updating of the pool area.


Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

This fund is maintained by contributions from congregants and community members to provide the rabbi with a financial source for assisting Synagogue or Napa community individuals needing special support. Also serves the purpose of supporting the synagogue and its programs, children of members to attend Jewish camps, retreats, or other Jewish programs, and other charitable organizations.


Ritual Fund

For special ritual and sanctuary music programs and the purchase of prayer books and ritual objects.


Security Fund

There are rising safety and security issues for Jewish institutions. Help us provide continued security upgrades for the synagogue. Donations go directly to our security infrastructure (surveillance cameras, gates, alarms, etc.) and security guards.


Tzedakah Fund

Monthly collections supporting a rotating list of charities in our community.


Youth and Shorashim Programs and Scholarship Fund

Provides assistance to families to enable their children to attend Religious School, Jewish camp either at our Synagogue or within the Jewish community, and to participate in Jewish and community-related activities. Also, includes providing opportunities for our youngest members and their families to experience and engage in Judaism. This fund also supports events and activities for the Teen and Youth Group programs.

Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782