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Napa Center for Thought & Culture

Mission, Vision, and Values

The Napa Center for Thought & Culture is a newly formed entity, developed under the auspices of Congregation Beth Shalom, with a mission to nurture the heart, mind, and spirit with knowledge, culture, and community.  Its vision is grounded in Jewish traditions and values, striving to build bridges to creative and intellectual pursuits, with programs that lead to awareness, inquiry, and a deeper understanding of the human journey.

These values have inspired the Center’s founding:

  • Chochmah, or Wisdom. Above all, the Center will be a place that embraces the pursuit of learning.
  • Hachnasat, Welcoming the Other. The Center will draw to the beautiful Napa Valley a diversity of individuals and groups, from near and far, to gather and build community.
  • Rachamim, The Center comes to life at an important moment in our society and culture.  Never in our lifetimes has there been such an acute need to reach out, to hear others’ stories, and to build understanding. 


NCTC programs that are upcoming do not always require a registration but will always request registration to best determine seating and program set ups.



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Today we ask you to become part of the Center 100: one hundred people who contribute $1,000 each, to help the Center attract the kind of programming that feeds the mind and nourishes the soul, helping us realize an ambition to bring the extraordinary artists, thinkers, authors, musicians, and others long absent in our community.

As a member of the Center 100, you will be acknowledged as such in the Center’s website, recognized at events, and enshrined as a founder central to the organization’s success.

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Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784